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Graphic Design: The Top Tips for Beginners to Remember

Have you ever thought about getting in to graphic design? This particular art has become increasingly popular in recent times, which has seen an influx of people trying their hand at being a graphic designer. However, for beginners it can seem like a complicated skill to master. There is a lot of technical side of it and that can put some of us off. But once you get the hang of this practice, it can be a rewarding pastime or even career. Here are the top tips that beginners should always keep in mind:

1.      Use Contrast

Using contrast will help your designs to stand out. The most important part of any design to contrast are the colours, as this will give your image a more defined, eye-catching look. One particular aspect of the design to contrast is the background colour/font colour. This is because you will want any text to be the focus of your design. A good rule to keep in mind is that if you have a light background use a dark font (and vice versa).

2.      Develop Your Own Font Palette

All successful graphic designers will have their own font palettes that they stick to. Whether you are doing a graphic design for your work, or just for yourself – you will need to select a font. Each graphic design will need different fonts for its title/headings, subtitles and body of text. Choosing a bold font for your titles and more subtle ones for subtitles/body is always good practice.

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3.      Pick Your Colour Scheme

Once you have selected the font palette for a graphic design, you’ll want to now choose a colour scheme. You will want to select colours that go well together, otherwise the design can look messy and unattractive. It is also important that the colours fit in with the topic your design is about. If you are doing a design for a certain business – keep in mind the colours they consistently use for their own branding.

4.      Avoid Naked Images

Using images on a design is nearly always a good idea. It can help your graphic stand out and brings attention to it. However, they need to be placed on the graphic properly, otherwise it can bring down the overall look. Make sure that images are neatly aligned and/or have been framed when using them. This will help your design look clean and aesthetically pleasing.

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5.      Keep Your Graphic Design Simple

It can be all too easy in graphic design to get caught up in the design. By the time you are finished the design is overcomplicated and messy. You need to be able to try and avoid this as much possible. Everything you have included on your design should have a reason for being there. Don’t put images or text there that don’t add anything to the final product. Minimalistic looks are often the most attractive.

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