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Graphic Designer Tools: The Essentials that Every Designer Has

Graphic Designer tools won’t decide how successful you are in the field. Most of it will be down to skill and hard work. However, having the best possible equipment will give you an advantage. These tools will help you maximise your potential as a graphic designer. Here is a list of some of the essentials that designers should have:

·        Office Chair

This may be one of the most underrated tools that a graphic designer needs. It may be easy to go and grab a chair from the kitchen or living room to use when you are at your computer. After a long session of editing and creating your graphics you will start to regret it. A lot of time is spent sat down, looking at a computer screen. Go out and buy yourself a good quality office chair and life will be much easier. Make sure that the chair has good lumbar support. This isn’t a decision you should take lightly, do some research and look at what the best chair will be for your needs/budget.

graphic designer tools

·        Good Quality Backpack

When you are a graphic designer, you are going to be doing a lot of travelling. You’ll constantly be popping out to places – whether that be to meet a client, or back to do an in-house job. You need something that can safely store all your equipment. Don’t go with a cheap backpack or tote bag. That is how equipment gets damaged. You will want to find a good quality backpack that has padding to protect your laptop/tablet. It should also be big enough to store a lot of equipment.

·        Graphic Designer Tools: Sketchbook

An obvious but essential tool to make the list: a sketchbook. There will be lots of time spent as a graphic designer looking at a desktop or laptop screen. But it is good to let other creative sides out to keep you fresh. Doing doodles and sketching out ideas will help you improve. Sketchbooks can be great tools to relieve stress, find inspiration and more.

graphic designer tools

·        Post-It Notes

Post-It Notes are a great graphic designer tools. They can help you stay on top of all your priorities. Because a lot of your time is spent at your desk, they will be constantly there – reminding you of the tasks you have to complete. Once a task is complete you will have the satisfaction of scrunching up that bit of paper and throwing it away.

·        Competition

A great way to keep yourself motivated and inspired is to constantly check what your rivals are doing. Keep checking what sort of the content they are putting out, if they are doing well then you will be motivated to top what they are doing. Rivalry doesn’t have to be unhealthy, a bit of healthy rivalry never hurt anyone.

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