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Historical Origins Of Art

Historical Origins Of Art

Art was created by humans to enhance life and express themselves. Today art has evolved from its ancient beginnings and became a source of inspiration for many people. Before art became a popular form of expression, paintings were usually created for religious purposes only.

History Origins of Art Paintings are firstly classified into two groups- images from nature and images created for religious purposes. There were thousands of religions in the world during the time of the Greeks and Romans.

Art And Religion

Religious art such as altars, statues, murals, frescoes, paintings, sculptures, stone carving etc. were mainly created for the worship of gods. There were many themes, colours, rituals and ceremonial in all religions. The Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians are famous for their artistic creations and this has become a part of history, as artists have always been linked with different forms of expressions.

Early Arts Egyptian artwork has attracted much attention as it is the most creative form of painting and most popular for that matter. Egyptian paintings have been grouped in groups according to type, such as ‘zoomorphic’ or quadrate, rosette, gesso and relief, which has given rise to many artworks.

Art And Culture

Egyptian Sand Painting – Sculpture Egypt has been known for its stone carving and its history as a sculptor dates back to ancient times. The Egyptians have a great experience and tradition in sculpting as shown in their paintings.

Muslim Art The art of the Islamic countries is basically Islamic style of painting and can be classified in the following groups. These are artistic expressions and media use, like painting, calligraphy, ceramics, jewellery, mosaics, furniture, textiles and fabrics, etc.

Arabic Quran Sculptures The Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, has inspired the artists of the Islamic countries to create various Islamic artworks. Arabic Quran Mosaics is one of the most beautiful pieces of art in the world.

Islamic Art of the Qasida or Quran Sculptures Qasida or Quran sculpture was initially created in the 7th century. It is a good example of Islamic art and has several interpretations to it. The Quran is divided into chapters or sections and these chapters are represented in the form of verses and sentences.