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All You Need To Know About Art Markets

All You Need To Know About Art Markets

When the art market first started to get a lot of attention in the late nineteen eighties, it was mainly Americans who were buying pieces of art. Today, there are more international art buyers and art dealers. Even though there is an art market that is strictly American based, there are also plenty of European artists selling their work throughout the world. As such many European artists are now doing their art in their native language and sometimes the work is shown only in European museums and art shows.

The Growth Of The Art Market

The art market has grown so much that major Western art museums and galleries have been opened in Europe, Asia and South America. With this growth, many of the old world economies have seen economic decline. This has led to the growth of new art markets in Latin America, Central America and Africa. The growth of these markets has left a great deal of pressure on the art markets in Western nations such as the United States.

This has meant that artists in the West now have to find new ways to make money from their art and for many artists, this has meant going back to their own countries to do their art. Some of these artists have gone into collaboration with the various tribes in these new markets. In doing so, they are able to sell their work to the tribes as a “sub-market” to make up for the loss of sales in the Western market.

In Brazil, for example, the government has actually set up a set of guidelines for artists in the art market. The government says that the artist must not sell anything that is connected to drugs or crime and must not produce works that are obscene or pornographic. These rules have been enforced pretty well and only a few very politically incorrect pieces have been found.

Changes In The Art Market

The art market in Spain has also been growing over the last two decades. There is even a Spanish “art market” for work by women. Of course, some artists are only able to get projects because of their connection to Madrid and it is for this reason that many of the well-known Spanish artists live and work in the capital city. Some of the best known of these artists include, Diego Rivera, Joan Miro, Luis Buñuel, Euri Paloma, Federico Fellini and Pablo Picasso.

Of course, there is also the art market in Japan. For a while, most of the best and most famous Japanese artists could only sell their work through their government or through the arts in Japan.

The art market in Italy has been getting steadily bigger over the last twenty years. Many of the best Italian artists including, Dali, Warhol, Matisse, Monet, Carracci, Rembrandt and Gauguin, moved to Paris and Switzerland to be able to keep up with the larger market. They were able to sell in Europe and the United States in a much larger amount than if they had been selling their work in their own country.

Of course, there is the art market in India. When a person looks for Indian artwork, they often do not think about the large number of artists that are available in India. It is only the more conservative Indian artist, who cannot cross cultural boundaries in their work, who may be able to do so in a limited fashion.